FEB 1, 2015

JD2 can now be heard in a ton of markets via The ESPN Radio Network. Welcome aboard guys!

NOV 29, 2014

Thank you to Mike Bratton (www.mwbproductions.com) & Kyle Taylor of Corus Radio (Toronto) for the great VO demos!

NOV 29, 2014

JD2 has hit the ground running. JD2 is now alive and well!! We'll have some samples up from these great stations within the coming weeks!

- HOT 97 (New York City)

- 97-1 AMP Radio (Los Angeles)

- KiSS 92-5 (Toronto)

NOV 29, 2014

JD2 has officially launched. Please, head to the info section, and drop us an e-mail for pricing and information.

NOV, 2016

JD3 is here. Check out the new demo on the front page, and check out the info section for purchase

JAN, 2016

JD3 is coming, end of 2016. Unique, bold and different. Check out the long form demo with station samples on the main site.